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“Dream Along Travel is the best! Anne Del Vecchio knows how to provide amazing customer service!  Her care for her clients comes through in every communication.  Anne spared us from stress, saved us valuable time and money plus got us extras we never could have found elsewhere.”  Mike and Ashley

 Welcome to Dream Along Travel, 

        My name is Anne Del Vecchio, your Luxury Get-Away Designer, dedicated to giving my clients benefits that cannot

be found anywhere on the internet.  I travel from

island to island to make incredible connections and

hand pick resorts in tropical destinations so my clients

can have the best VIP service and perks.  If you are tired

of stress, research, and uncertainty  from do-it-yourself vacation planning then its time to give me a call. I will be delighted to work with you as your personal vacation designer to the sun, sea and sand.

                                                 See You On The Beach,

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